Terms and Conditions

These are the terms and conditions of an Agreement between you, the person making the booking, and referred in these terms and conditions as ‘the Guest' and the owners of Caynham Forge, referred to as ‘Caynham Cottages Ltd'.

  1. Bookings shall be made by either the online booking form or by a postal booking form.
  2. i. Guests can provisionally reserve Caynham Forge via the Caynham Cottages Ltd website which can be found at www.caynhamcottages.co.uk. Properties provisionally booked will be held for a period of 72 hours and then released, without further reminder, if not confirmed by payment of the required deposit.
    ii. Bookings are only confirmed when the deposit has been paid and you have received a booking confirmation in writing by e-mail or post. On payment of the deposit by you, the guest, you are confirming that you have read, understood and accepted these terms and conditions.
    iii. Once Caynham Cottages Ltd has issued a confirmation of booking, you, the guest are responsible for the total published price of Caynham Forge and extras as shown on the confirmation.
  3. i. In the case of all bookings made more than 6 weeks prior to the commencement date of the letting, you, the guest must pay a non-refundable deposit of £250. The balance is then due 6 weeks before the commencement date. The deposit becomes the ‘security deposit’ on payment of the full cost of the booking.
    ii. Bookings made within 6 weeks of the letting date must be paid in full, together with the required security deposit of £250.00. At the time of making the full payment the deposit paid becomes the ‘security deposit’
  4. The security deposit of £250.00 is a deposit to cover for damage, loss, excess electricity usage and, loss or loss of rental as a result of the conduct of the guest or members of the guest's party or any other person authorised to enter the property at the guest's invitation or authority.
  5. You will receive a reminder at the time of booking indicating the date when the final balance of the full amount is due and Caynham Cottages Ltd regret that if the balance of the payment is not paid on or by the due date, then Caynham Cottages Ltd reserves the right to cancel the reservation, retain the deposit paid by you and look to you, the guest, to pay the outstanding balance owed.
  6. Occupancy of Caynham Forge is limited to a maximum of six adults or a variation of up to a total of six people including children.
    i. Caynham Cottages Ltd require details of all persons in the party who will be occupying the property, including names and ages, the provision of this information is a pre-requirement of acceptance of the booking by Caynham Cottages Ltd.
    ii. Caynham Cottages Ltd regrets that they cannot accept bookings from:-
    - Any person under the age of 25.
    - Parties where the majority of the members are under the age of 25, with the exception of families or supervised groups.
  7. The security deposit will be refunded to you – less additional electricity usage - within 14 days of departure provided no loss or damage has been caused to the property, its contents, fixtures/fittings etc. The security deposit does not limit your liability to damages etc.
  8. All reservations by guests resident outside of the United Kingdom must be made in pounds sterling to the bank as detailed on the booking form. All charges are to be paid by you, the guest.
  9. Cancellation
    Caynham Cottages Ltd advise you that it is important that you should consider taking out holiday insurance to be able to recover your costs in the event that you have to cancel your holiday for a good reason.
    i. On cancellation of a booking, you remain responsible for the total cost of the holiday, unless Caynham Cottages Ltd are able to resell the dates you have cancelled.
    ii. All cancellations must be notified to Caynham Cottages Ltd prior to the commencement date of the holiday letting.
    iii. In the event that you, the guest, cancel your holiday, then the following refunds will apply in respect of all monies paid by you * excepting the non-refundable security deposit :
    0-14 days - of your start date = zero refund
    15-30 days- of your start date = 25% of your booking excluding * as above
    31-41 days- of your start date = 40% of your booking excluding * as above
    42 days or more- cancellation charges will be limited to retention of the non-returnable deposit
    iv. Should you, as the guest, wish to occupy the same property but at a different date and at the same tariff, then if this is possible, an administration charge of £25.00 will apply to alter the terms of the booking. Should the tariff be different, either higher or lower, then any additional charges will also be payable.
    v. If for any reason, beyond the control of the owner of the property, the property is unavailable for example because of flood, fire damage or other circumstances, then Caynham Cottages Ltd will provide you, the guest, with at least 4 weeks’ notice of non-availability wherever possible
    vi. Caynham Cottages Ltd are not liable for any form of damages, compensation or expenses claimed by the guest in respect of the non-availability of accommodation, except as provided for by a refund as set out above.
  10. You will occupy the property for the purposes of your stay only and for no other purpose. The property will normally be available to you from 4.00pm on the first day of the accommodation booked. All guests and occupiers, luggage, property, vehicles etc must vacate the property completely by 10.00 am on the last date of the accommodation letting. If a guest fails to vacate the property by this time, then Caynham Cottages Ltd reserve the right to take further charges from the security deposit held to cover the extra period of occupation and to compensate for the extended cleaning arrangement caused by the delay.
    i. All windows and doors must be checked and securely locked. Front door keys must be returned as per departure details and all other keys left at Caynham Forge. In the event that any keys are not returned, then a charge will be incurred by you to cover locksmith costs to change locks and replace keys.
    ii. You, the guest, are responsible for leaving the property in a clean and tidy condition. All waste must be removed, correctly bagged and placed in bins provided and any failure to remove and bag waste may incur a further charge taken from the security deposit.
    iii. You, the guest, shall not permit the property to be occupied by more than the maximum number of persons stated in the property description. iv. The guest who has booked the property must occupy it for the purposes of a stay for themselves and not with any other person not named on the booking form unless otherwise agreed at the time of booking.
    v. Electricity is included in the cost of your stay to a value of 50 units (kWh) per 24 hours. Additional units over the amount detailed above are chargeable and deducted from your security deposit. Meter readings are taken at the beginning and end of your stay and used in this calculation (see property information pack in Caynham Forge for further details).
    vi. The use of a telephone is not included in the accommodation price.
  11. Bed linen and bath towels are included in the price. If a party is staying for more than 7 days then guests will receive cleaning, fresh linen and bath towels on or around the end of the first week.
  12. All damages and breakages are the legal responsibility of you, the guest, and should be notified to Caynham Cottages Ltd before the end of your holiday.

    You, the guest, agree with Caynham Cottages Ltd as follows:-
    i. Deductions from the security deposit will be taken in those cases where a cleaning charge is incurred due to you, the guest, having failed to leave the accommodation in good order and clean condition. Minimum charging rate for carrying out additional cleaning will be £20.00 per hour.
    ii. A charge will be applied for any rubbish that you have failed to correctly bag, remove from the property or place in the correct bins provided on your departure.
    iii. The expense of putting right any damage or loss caused excluding reasonable wear and tear incurred during your stay even if the sum proves to be in excess of the security deposit.
    iv. Any charge for linen or towels damaged as a result of products used or applied by the guest, in particular sun-lotion, make-up and/or fake tan or if any item is found to be missing from the property.
  13. You, the guest, agree: -
    i. Not to cause nuisance, excessive noise or annoyance to occupiers of neighbouring properties - particularly after 10pm.
    ii. To allow reasonable access to the property by anyone authorised by the owner and in particular to the Caynham Forge owner.
  14. If in the opinion of the owner of Caynham Forge, you, the guest, are not deemed suitable to continue occupation of the property because of your behaviour or damage to the property or nuisance to other parties, then this agreement may be terminated without notice and the owner of Caynham Forge will be entitled to repossess the property immediately without any compensation to you. Wren Cottage reserves the right to refuse bookings for whatever reason.
  15. Although Caynham Forge  has recently been refurbished the owner cannot guarantee that there may not be insects and/or spiders and you should be aware that it is impossible to eliminate these factors entirely from an older property and that Caynham Cottages Ltd cannot be held responsible in respect of any particular sensitivity the guest may have to these issues.
  16. Pets are allowed as part of the rental agreement with Caynham Cottages Ltd, but are restricted to the ground floor of Caynham Forge. A stair gate will be provided for this. Guests are politely requested to remove any dog waste from the drive and patio before departure. Any additional cleaning due to pet hair is deductible from your security deposit.
  17. Caynham Forge has a strict no-smoking policy and any damage caused to the property or its contents by smoke or cigarette burns is deductible from your security deposit to cover such damages, costs and cleaning of the property. Smoking is permitted outside the property on condition that your smoking does not cause a nuisance to our neighbours and all cigarette/cigar butts and ash are cleared and disposed of, by you, the guest, before departure.
  18. Parking instructions for Caynham Forge are included in the property information folder at the property and such instructions and limitations shall be strictly adhered to by you, the guest. All vehicles are parked at the guest's risk and Wren Cottage are not liable for any damage to the vehicle or theft of personal items stored in it.
  19. i. A property information section is included in the guest information folder provided at the property. You are advised to read the property information section upon your arrival at the property and familiarise yourself with the operation of safety, electrical and other equipment in accordance with any guidance provided. The information is provided to make your stay a safe and happy one, but no liability can be accepted by Caynham Cottages Ltd for the content of the property information and your reliance on it.
  • If you, the guest, feel you have a reason for complaint, then you should notify Caynham Cottages Ltd  immediately so that steps can be taken for remedial action. We will endeavour to deal with your complaint quickly and efficiently and if you do not complain at the time when you are staying at the property, by leaving it until after your stay has ended, then Caynham Cottages Ltd cannot provide any form of compensation as you would have not given Caynham Cottages Ltd an opportunity to remedy the matters you have complained of.
  • If you, the guest, or any members of your party leave any personal belongings inside the property you will be charged the cost of postage and packaging and an admin fee to have them returned to you. Any items found by the servicing company responsible for the property will be disposed of within 7 days if not claimed. All perishable foods will automatically be disposed of at the departure day/time of changeover.
  • Caynham Cottages Ltd will not be liable for any act, neglect or default on the part of the owner or any other person not within their employ or otherwise under their control for any accident, damage, loss, injury, expense or inconvenience whether to personal property which the guest or any other person may suffer or incur arising out of or in any way connected with the occupation of the property unless Caynham Cottages Ltd  is responsible. In addition, Caynham Cottages Ltd accept no liability for loss or damage to the guest's possessions on the owner's property or land.
  • Caynham Cottages Ltd have made every effort to ensure that information provided to you, the guest, is accurate and not misleading, but Caynham Cottages Ltd  cannot accept any liability or responsibility for mis-description by the owners, Caynham Cottages Ltd, in its material or publications.
  • Caynham Cottages Ltd and you, the guest, agree that the law applying to this contract will be English law and agree that the jurisdiction of the English Courts shall apply in any dispute or claim arising out of this agreement.
  • Should the property be rented by you as part of a film project, you will be required prior to acceptance of the booking by Caynham Cottages Ltd to describe the nature and content of the proposed film. Caynham Cottages Ltd reserves the right to refuse a booking and to require guests and occupier/s to leave the property forthwith if the nature of the film project is not as described at the time of the booking. This includes the making of pornography, portraying and/or representing material which is defamatory in any way or involves the depiction and/or representation of any unlawful act.


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  • Beautifully equipped
  • Nearby historic towns

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My partner and I were looking for a retreat from our hectic city life which East Barn certainly gave us - lots of lovely walks straight from the front door into beautiful countryside

Miss Gibson, of SE10 London

Caynham Forge (East Barn) was lovely. Beautiful idyllic location, so relaxing. We hope to visit again soon with friends

Mr & Mrs Coleman, of Gloucestershire